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About 1 Method Center

An ethical program for co-occurring disorders and addiction that emphasizes abstinence, offering both inpatient and outpatient treatment alternatives. 1 Method Center provides a customized therapy experience that encourages long-term healing, and healthy lifestyles, and lessens client reliance on drugs by utilizing clinical procedures that have been empirically validated as well as innovative applications related to health and fitness.




1 Method Center

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High risk
Name1 Method Center Industry Mental Health Care Program Options #1Detoxification Program Options #2Residential
Program Options #3Outpatient Program Options #4Aftercare Company Size11-50 employees Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Founded 2014 Allegations #1Spam Allegations #2Fraudulent Actions Allegations #3Harassment
Allegations #4Untrustworthy Specialties #1Dual Diagnosis Treatment Specialties #2Drug Rehab Specialties #3Alcohol Rehab
Specialties #4Drug Detoxification Linkedin Yes Facebook Yes X (Twitter) Yes
Negative Reviews Online Yes (multiple) Risk Factor 0.94 Adverse Media Yes Brand Awareness Medium
An overview on 1 Method Center
1 Method Center uses an evidence-based treatment approach, tailored clinical care, and health and fitness science as the cornerstones of a nationally recognized paradigm for co-occurring disorders and addiction. The program is intended for anyone looking for an elegant, respectable, and reasonably priced atmosphere in which to receive highly customized and efficient therapy.
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  • Highly experienced
  • Involved in Fraudulent Actions
  • Involved in Harassment
  • Involved in Scam
  • Lack of transparency
  • Suspicious
2 RED FLAGS FOR 1 Method Center

1 Method Center has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints and reviews indicating that most customers are NOT satisfied with their experience. Consumers unhappy with 1 Method Center most frequently mention bad support and high costs.

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Suffered from Memory Loss

The patient gave their consent to be admitted to the facility, but during their stay—which lasted from the moment they started taking prescription drugs until they awoke in the UCLA hospital with injuries—they suffered from memory loss. Their memory was restored when they stopped taking all of their meds. They asked to have no more communication with the facility to protect their mental health. They were troubled, meanwhile, by the unwanted communication they kept getting, which included surveys and spam. For their protection, they warn people to avoid them and beg named persons to cease communicating with them.

Name 1 Method Center Posted on 8 Aug, 2023 Posted byYeweng W. Posted fromMidtown West, New York, NY
Hospital NameUCLA hospital Patient Suffered FromMemory Loss Patient Suffered FromMental Health Allegations #1Unwanted Communication
Allegations #2Spam Allegations #3Causing Distress Source Reliability Medium SERP >10
Search Visibility Low Brand Impact Low

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Memory Loss
  • Unwanted Communication
  • Spam
Unethical Activities

The person issues a warning to others, characterizing a certain facility as providing subpar care and services. They claim that Cassidy, the owner, participates in unethical activities like ferociously haggling over costs and making up schemes to deceive insurance policies. They also assert that the clinic harasses patients after they submit positive evaluations by pressuring them to do so. The person singles out Ryan and Cassidy as dishonest people who take advantage of weak people and don’t follow through on treatment or care commitments. They label the owners as amateur scam artists and advise against entrusting one’s sobriety or the sobriety of loved ones to this establishment.



Posted byWilliam K. SoMa Posted on Feb 15, 2024 Posted fromSan Francisco, CA Allegations #1Questionable Practices
Allegations #2Fraudulent Actions Allegations #3Manipulate Insurance Coverage Allegations #4Harassment Allegations #5Untrustworthy
Allegations #6Exploit Vulnerable Allegations #7Fail to deliver promised treatments and care Source Reliability Medium SERP >10
Search Visibility Low Brand ImpactLow

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Harassment
  • Untrustworthy
  • Fraudulent Actions


1 Method Center has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints.

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