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About Doft Plastic Surgery

Dr. Melissa Doft operates Doft Plastic Surgery in New York. According to her, she asserts that she amplifies your distinct characteristics and alone improves your appearance. According to her, by doing this, she claims to enhance your inherent attractiveness.

Dr. Melissa Doft is associated with New York Eye and Ear Infirmary at Mount Sinai as well as New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Columbia and Cornell. She obtained her medical degree from the NYU School of Medicine.

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  • Address 755 Park Ave, New York, NY 10021, US
  • Owner Dr. Melissa Doft

Doft Plastic Surgery

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An overview on Doft Plastic Surgery
Doft Plastic Surgery, located in New York City, is led by Dr. Melissa Doft. It offers a comprehensive range of cosmetic procedures, focusing on both surgical and non-invasive treatments. Dr. Doft, a highly qualified surgeon, is recognized for her educational role as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and her numerous hospital affiliations which include prestigious institutions such as New York Presbyterian and Lenox Hill Hospital. The clinic provides specialized services in areas such as facial reconstruction, breast surgery, and body contouring. Dr. Doft emphasizes a philosophy of enhancing natural beauty rather than altering one's inherent features, which is reflected in her approach to procedures like facelifts, rhinoplasty, and Botox treatments. Her expertise is also noted in pediatric plastic surgery, underlining her broad skill set in the field. With a strong educational background and a series of accolades, Dr. Doft is renowned for her meticulous attention to detail and her dedication to achieving the most aesthetically pleasing results for her patients. Her work is well-documented and respected in the field, highlighted by her multiple listings as a top doctor in New York Magazine and her board certifications in both general and plastic surgery.  
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Doft Plastic Surgery has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints and reviews indicating that most customers are NOT satisfied with their experience. Consumers unhappy with Doft Plastic Surgery most frequently mention bad support and high costs.

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Complaint Against Doft Plastic Surgery on Google

Diego asserts that Dr. Doft is quite deceptive. He claims to have limited familiarity with physicians and their billing procedures. He spoke with Dr. Doft about the insurance coverage for the treatment, and she confirmed that it would be covered. She responded promptly, and Diego ascribed her speedy response to her expertise.

Nevertheless, at completion of the 2-minute process, he was presented with a charge amounting to $1,000, indicating that it was not covered by his insurance. Diego asserts that Dr. Doft ought to have heeded his inquiries and ensured their mutual understanding.

Subsequently, she refrained from responding to any of his phone calls or texts, while the staff persistently pressured him to make the payment. This is a severe instance of misunderstanding.


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Content TypeReview Sentiment AnalysisNegative AllegationInsurance Fraud Company ResponseUnsatisfactory

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Serious Allegations against Doft Plastic Surgery

Amber expresses her firm decision to never revisit Dr. Doft’s office in the future. She had sought out the facility to get a lip augmentation operation and was apprehensive due to it being her inaugural cosmetic treatment.

Consequently, she had several inquiries, although Melissa was not reassuring in the slightest. She applied a topical anesthetic to the reviewer’s face and then exited the room to converse with the reviewer’s companion, who was also undergoing a medical treatment.

Amber’s companion informed her that Dr. Doft had escorted her to a different room to capture “Before and After” photographs, but Amber did not have a similar experience with Dr. Doft.

Furthermore, following the administration of the injections, Dr. Doft repeatedly mentioned that there was only a little amount remaining and proceeded to make many further modifications to the patient’s lips. This involved applying filler to the lower lip, followed by the upper lip and the corners.

Upon sharing her experience with other physicians, they speculated that Dr. Melissa Doft may have engaged in this behavior to circumvent the need for keeping any remaining substance in the syringe and to avoid allocating time to visit Amber at a later date.

Her negative encounter with Doft Plastic Surgery did not conclude at this point. Upon the completion of the surgery, the personnel presented her with a permission form that they had neglected to provide her with earlier.

Amber expresses her profound discomfort and remorse for promptly seeing Dr. Melissa Doft. Subsequently, her lips became solid masses with unsightly protuberances, resulting in an asymmetrical grin.

She had lost faith in Dr. Doft. In addition, she has consulted several specialists, although none of them were able to rectify this flawed treatment. She was very dissatisfied with the service and outcomes.


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Doft Plastic Surgery has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints.

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