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About iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital is the leading US Crypto IRA Platform, allowing investors to put Crypto, Gold, and Silver Assets in their Roth, SEP, and Traditional retirement plans. Providing unparalleled access to alternative assets and transforming the retirement account sector, iTrustCapital has protected over $2 billion for tens of thousands of customers.

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  • Address 18300 Von Karman Ave, Irvine, CA 92612, United States


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Medium risk
Founded2018 FounderBlake Skadron HeadquartersGreater Los Angeles Area, West Coast, Western US Located inIrvine Towers
Contact Email [email protected] LinkedIncompany/itrustcapital00 Facebook Twitter@iTrustCapital
Instagram@itrustcapital Crunchbaseorganization/itrustcapital-inc YouTube/c/iTrustCapital Related IndustrySoftware Development
SpecializationCryptocurrency Money Laundering RiskHigh Securities Fraud RiskMedium Regulatory Action RiskHigh
Risk Factor0.37 Brand AwarenessMedium Misleading Promotional IssuesYes Received Negative Review Status?Yes
An overview on iTrustCapital
By providing a platform that enables users to easily trade precious metals and cryptocurrencies in real-time, around the clock, using their retirement accounts, iTrustCapital is revolutionizing investing in digital assets. This deals with the significant $1 trillion+ wealth that investors have and usually use for these kinds of transactions outside of tax-advantaged accounts. With millions more Americans investing in precious metals and an anticipated 10-15 million in cryptocurrencies, iTrustCapital's cheap transaction cost of only 1% sets it apart from other IRA providers that may charge up to 15% for a single transaction. Furthermore, iTrust offers safe storage options and complete IRA management, guaranteeing institutional-grade protection for its customers' investments.
User score
  • Access to Alternative Assets
  • Low Transaction Fees
  • Secure Storage Solutions
  • Limited Customer Support
  • Limited Asset Selection
  • Lack of Investment Advice
  • Regulatory Risks
  • Low risk tolerance
2 RED FLAGS FOR iTrustCapital

iTrustCapital has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints and reviews indicating that most customers are NOT satisfied with their experience. Consumers unhappy with iTrustCapital most frequently mention bad support and high costs.

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critical intel on iTrustCapital

We had such high hopes when we started…

They had first placed their faith in a certain investing company; nevertheless, in the end, their experience with that institution did not live up to their expectations. They decided to cut all relations with the corporation as a consequence of this. The fact that their actions did not adhere to the values of professionalism, integrity, and openness was readily obvious. If they had the opportunity, the reviewer would voice a greater degree of displeasure, even though they normally avoid giving negative feedback. To reduce the likelihood of adverse outcomes, individuals who are considering various investment opportunities, such as Individual Retirement Accounts and cryptocurrency enterprises, should act with prudence. #iTrustCapital #FinancialResponsibility #InvestmentAwareness”

Posted Date1 Jan 2023 Posted Against iTrustCapital Rated1 Star SERP>10
Search VisibilityLow Brand impactMedium LanguageEnglish Sentiment AnalysisNegative

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Strong dissatisfaction
  • Conflict between ethics, professionalism, and openness
  • Falling short of expectations
Compliance department is horrible!

The person voiced their displeasure with the compliance department, mentioning problems with a distribution they had gotten in 2021. They emphasized that the problem with the custodian was not rectified despite working with customer relations for more than a month and a half and that taxes deducted were not appropriately paid to the state. They also indicated that improper handling occurred during the first shipment. They summarized their experience by saying that they had two encounters and two issues, meaning they were batting 0%. They said they would think about telling the Department of Labor about their experience.

Posted Date27 Jan 2023 Posted Against iTrustCapital Rated1 Star SERP>10
Serach VisibilityLow Brand ImpactMedium LanguageEnglish Sense of ExperienceNegative

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Issues with Tax Remittance
  • Customer Relations and Custodian Resolution
  • Mishandling of Original Distribution


iTrustCapital has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints.

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