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About Boyd Parker

Boyd Parker has a wealth of experience in coaching, developing, and educating new business owners up to senior CEOs.

Boyd Parker has expertise in creating and funding companies from the ground up, as well as providing continuing assistance to those companies and the employees Boyd Parker trained to manage them.

Boyd Parker has been creating corporate leaders in the sales and marketing sector all across the world. Creating best practices, imparting knowledge, and exchanging beneficial experiences with the UK, USA, Canada, Africa, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Poland, South Africa, Italy, and forty-one other countries.

Boyd Parker has a personal stake in the stock market. I enjoy being a part of something’s inception and watching it develop. This has mostly affected developing individuals. I am now investing in companies, real estate, and my initial interest, the sports and fitness sector.

Boyd Parker wants to keep touring the globe alongside budding business owners. As a devoted father, my greatest satisfaction comes from continuously acquiring leadership and coaching abilities, which enable me to set the finest possible example and lifestyle for my kids and company associates.

Boyd Parker

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High risk
Name Boyd Parker Gender Male Linkedin Yes Facebook Yes
X (Twitter) Yes Experience of15+ Related Industry #1Entrepreneurship & Mentoring Related Industry #2Global Business Developer
Related Industry #3Sports & Fitness Related Industry #4Investor Accused of #1 Engaging in Dishonest Business Practices Accused of #2 Operating Several MLM Schemes
Accused of #3 Deceiving Job Seekers by Falsely Portraying Accused of #4 Lack of Transparency Accused of #5 Fictitious Promises Accused of #6 High Turnover Rate
Accused of #7 Unpleasant Working Conditions Accused of #8 Isolating them from Friends and Family Accused of #9 Lengthy Working Hours Negative Reviews Online Yes (multiple)
Risk Factor 0.89 Adverse Media Yes Brand Awareness Medium Transparency Score Low
An overview on Boyd Parker
Boyd Parker has been providing business-to-business and business-to-consumer sales advice for well-known firms such as Talk Talk, ADT, MoneyExpert, and PFS. He has a 15-year track record in these areas. His area of expertise is in generating outsourced sales consultants. He specializes in training entrepreneurs and growing new enterprises. Before entering the sales industry, Parker coached and mentored bodybuilders and professional athletes for five years.  
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  • Highly experienced
  • Suspicious claims
  • Faced multiple complaints
  • Involved in (MLM) Pyramid Scheme
  • Lack of transparency
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Boyd Parker has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints and reviews indicating that most customers are NOT satisfied with their experience. Consumers unhappy with Boyd Parker most frequently mention bad support and high costs.

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Boyd Parker the MLM Scammer

Boyd Parker, who is allegedly a mentor for entrepreneurship, is accused of engaging in dishonest business practices and operating several MLM (multi-level marketing) schemes that are passed off as startup businesses. Several people have accused him of deceiving job seekers by falsely portraying openings as management positions when they were door-to-door sales positions, frequently with long hours and little base pay. Parker’s businesses are said to regularly rename themselves to avoid detection, and he is charged with stifling criticism with dishonest methods and legal threats. Reviews on websites such as Glassdoor describe a lack of transparency regarding the nature of the work, a high turnover rate, lengthy working hours, and fictitious promises of career advancement. Allegations include putting them under pressure to keep a happy attitude despite unpleasant working conditions, isolating them from friends and family, and using coercive recruiting techniques. It has also been brought attention to Parker’s attempts to feign good evaluations on his website and pay articles to counterbalance negative ones. Parker is accused of putting more emphasis on growing his business and enriching himself than on attending to the needs of his victims, despite growing criticism.

Posed on November 23, 2023 Name Boyd Parker Accused of #1Engaging in Dishonest Business Practices Accused of #2Operating Several MLM Schemes
Accused of #3Deceiving Job Seekers by Falsely Portraying Accused of #4Lack of Transparency Accused of #5Fictitious Promises Accused of #6Turnover Rate
Accused of #7Unpleasant Working Conditions Accused of #8Isolating them from Friends and Family Accused of #9Lengthy Working Hours Brand Impact Low
SERP >10 Source Reliability High LanguageEnglish Sentimental Analysis Negative

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  • Dishonest Business Practices
  • Lack of Transparency
  • MLM Schemes


Boyd Parker has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints.

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