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About Daniel Yomtobian

Leader of Advertise.com Daniel Yomtobian is a visionary in the world of internet marketing. During the mid-1990s, he led ABCSearch, the biggest pay-per-click search network, after co-founding successful businesses including WayInternet and Findology. In 2008, he introduced Scour.com, an award-winning social search engine that was cutting edge. To bolster ABCSearch’s position as a leading marketing platform, Daniel’s vision was broadened in 2009 with the purchase of Advertise.com. Given Daniel’s contribution to influencing the direction of online advertising, Advertise.com now offers over 10 billion ad impressions each month.

Daniel Yomtobian

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AliasDaniel Yomtobian Advertise GenderMale LocationGreater Los Angeles Area, California RegionWest Coast, Western US
PostCEO & Founder Primary Organizationadvertise.com LinkedIn@danielyomtobian Twitter@danielyomtobian
Facebook@Daniel-Yomtobian Suspicious ClaimsYes Faced AllegationsYes Search VisibiltyHigh
Adverse mediaYes Risk Rate0.67 Sued by AgencyYes Regulatory AuthorityFTC
Accused OfFraud Related IndustryDigital Media
An overview on Daniel Yomtobian
After dropping out of high school, Daniel Yomtobian founded Advertise.com and TrafficMarketplace. Despite early success, his projects were beset by charges of click fraud and click-through rate manipulation. Daniel Yomtobian and his father's firm, Xupiter Inc., were accused of installing adware without authorization in 2006. Advertise.com became popular with its novel approach to commercial ad formats and personalization despite these criticisms. After Yomedia, another advertising network he started, was shut down in 2015 for fraud, Yomtobian's image fell further. Bloomberg found him diverting traffic to low-quality websites, raising suspicions of fraud. For fraudulent marketing sponsored by Boost Software, another firm he worked for, Yomtobian settled with the FTC for $8.6 million in 2017. Bonnier's 2019 break with Daniel Yomtobian and FTC allegations of running a fraudulent ad network hurt his internet advertising business, despite a calmer 2018. In 2021, the FTC sued Yomtobian again for misleading weight-loss product promotion. Past issues cloud his efforts to restore his reputation with Bian Capital, casting doubt on his ethical standards. Yomtobian has accepted responsibility for Advertise.com's shortcomings and promised openness and accountability in interviews. The public and business colleagues are skeptical about his capacity to change. Despite hurdles, Yomtobian believes he can still have a significant effect on advertising by improving his firm and image.
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Daniel Yomtobian has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints and reviews indicating that most customers are NOT satisfied with their experience. Consumers unhappy with Daniel Yomtobian most frequently mention bad support and high costs.

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critical intel on Daniel Yomtobian

Daniel Yomtobian: The Rise and Fall of Dubious Ads Traffic Empire

The inventor of Advertise.com, Daniel Yomtobian, who did not complete high school, became famous in the Internet advertising market. Claims of click fraud and misleading advertising methods tarnished his reputation and performance. Despite the revolutionary nature of Advertise.com, Yomtobian’s empire was subject to litigation and the closure of Yomedia as a result of fraud accusations.

His involvement in Gannett’s ad fraud operations led to repeated accusations from the FTC. People are suspicious of his efforts to repair his reputation with Bian Capital because of his history of controversy. People still don’t believe Yomtobian can change; he says he learned from his errors and is more open and accountable now.

Posted on Monday, January 22, 2024 Content TypeWeb Article Brand ImpactHigh LanguageEnglish
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Allegation #42019, Operated fraudulent ad network Allegation #52021, Misleading weight-loss product ads 

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  • False advertising
  • Claims of fraud
  • Settlement with the FTC and FTC charges


Daniel Yomtobian has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints.

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