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As claimed by Dr. William B. Weeks he is a Physician-Economist at Microsoft’s Healthcare Industry Solutions and the Medical Director for Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. Dr. William B. Weeks asserts that in those roles, he conducts research and collaborates with customers to enable every person and organization on the planet to achieve more by assisting payers, providers, pharmaceuticals, pharmacies, and policymakers in achieving the quadruple aim and improving care value for the patients and populations they serve.

Dr. WIlliam B. Weeks

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Medium risk
AliasDr. WIlliam B. Weeks GenderMale Brand awarenessNone SuspendedYes
Suspension ReasonDrinking Alcohol Suspending AuthorityNew Hampshire Board of Medicine Social Media PresenceLow Featured in the News?Yes
Associated IndustryTechnology Studied atWhitman College in Washington Faced ControversiesYes Faced Serious AllegationsYes
Risk factor 0.66 Linkedin william-brinson-weeks Adverse media None Accused of Misconduct
Accused in 2011 Negligence RiskMedium Flight RiskLow Money Laundering RiskLow
An overview on Dr. WIlliam B. Weeks
Dr. William B. Weeks states that he is the Medical Director of Microsoft's Bing search engine in addition to being a Physician-Economist at Microsoft's Healthcare Industry Solutions. In those capacities, according to Dr. William B. Weeks, he conducts research and works with clients to help everyone and every organization on the planet achieve more by supporting payers, providers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and lawmakers in accomplishing the quadruple aim and enhancing the quality of care for the patients and populations they serve. Possessing a conceit and claiming to be an accomplished writer In addition to more than 200 peer-reviewed papers, Dr. William B. Weeks claims to have produced a book on the business and economic aspects of healthcare value, physicians' return on educational investment, healthcare delivery science, and utilization and delivery. displaying his accomplishments Dr. William B. Weeks states that he is the recipient of the 2020–2023 Fulbright Specialist Award, the 2016 Fulbright–Toqueville Distinguished Chair at Aix–Marseille University, the 2009 National Rural Health Association Outstanding Researcher Award, and the 2016 National Chiropractic Medical Insurance Corporation Group Jerome F McAndrews Award for Excellence in Research. Furthermore, according to Dr. William B. Weeks, CMMI, the National Institutes of Health, the Commonwealth Fund, and the National Chiropractic Medical Insurance Corporation Group, the VA, AHRQ, and Bupa. Dr. William B. Weeks asserts that he enthusiastically pursued scholarly endeavors that the majority of people would not. Whitman College in Washington is where he obtained his bachelor's degree in biology and chemistry. He pursued his medical doctorate at the University of Texas Medical Branch as soon as he graduated from Whitman College. Gaining additional education, he graduated from Columbia University with a master's in business administration. He graduated with a PhD in economics in 2014 from the French university Aix-Marseille.  
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Accused of misconduct

The New Hampshire Board of Medicine (“Board”) and William B. Weeks, MD (“Dr. Weeks” or “Respondent”), a physician licensed by the Board, do hereby stipulate and agree to resolve certain allegations of professional misconduct currently pending before the Board in accordance with the following terms and conditions in order to avoid the delay and expense of further proceedings and to promote the best interests of the public and the practice of medicine:

The Medical Administrative Rule (“Med”) 206 and 210, as well as RSA 329:17, 1; RSA 329:18; RSA 329:18-a; and other relevant laws, grant the Board the authority to look into and decide claims of professional misconduct made by doctors. In accordance with RSA 329:18-a, III, the Board has the authority to resolve these accusations through settlement at any point without holding a disciplinary hearing.

On June 6, 1990, the Board first gave Respondent permission to practice medicine in the State of New Hampshire. The license number of the respondent is 8374.
The Board was informed on February 9, 2011, and June 11, 2010, that Respondent had broken the terms of the alcohol-monitoring agreement twice.
In response, the Board looked into the matter and gathered data from multiple sources on the Respondent’s conduct.

Respondent provides that in the event of a disciplinary proceeding, proceeding Counsel would present the following evidence to show that Respondent committed professional misconduct as defined by RSA 329:17, VI (b):
Respondent is bound by a five-year contract that calls for monitoring Respondent’s alcohol consumption.

On or around January 28, 2011, the respondent had a positive phosphatidyl ethanol blood test.
Respondent acknowledged to himself that he had drunk alcohol in June 2010.
The Board determines that Respondent engaged in the behavior mentioned above and determines that Respondent violated RSA 329:17, VI, by doing so.


First posted2011 SERP>10 Sentimental AnaysisNegative TypeReview
LanguageEnglish SuspendedYes Suspension CauseAlcohol Abuse Search VisibilityLow

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Dr. WIlliam B. Weeks has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints.

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