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About George Dimitriou

George Dimitrou Sydney was found guilty in 2015 of physically attacking a witness involved in a legal proceeding against him. The case involved an accusation of fraud against the parents of the witness. George was given a 12-month good behavior bond for the attack.

George Dimitriou

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AliasGeorge Dimitriou Sydney Faced AllegationDefrauding Investors Faced Allegation #2Sending Threats to Victims Faced LawsuitYes
Est. Damages $7.5 million JurisdictionAustralia Facebook@George-Dimitriou-Sydney Linkedin@george-dimitriou-tiktok
X (Twitter)@george_d_sydney Criminal RiskHigh Reputational RiskMedium Securities Fraud RiskHigh
An overview on George Dimitriou
George Dimitriou aka George Dimitriou Sydney is facing allegations of being a con artist who has been accused of threatening his victims. According to media reports, he sent a picture of a coffin to one target and a threat that the other person would get "maximum harm" from him. He allegedly also called the victims' lawyer a "dead man" and made threats against him. The ANZ bank and an old immigrant couple said that George Dimitriou lied to them about a $2 million deal. Several people have accused him of stealing $5.5 million from them.  
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Police Alleges George Threatened His Fraud Victims with Maximum Harm

This is a section of the media report talking about George’s alleged fraud and threats.

The police said that George had lied to his former customer Mark Leishman. He then met the victim and his lawyer in the central business district of Sydney after a day in court.

He allegedly told the lawyer, “I have a one-time offer for the Leishmans. If they don’t take it, I will f— their lives.”

He also said the lawyer was a jerk and that he stood between him and the “beautiful people.” George said the lawyer was dead and that someone would be there soon.

He also said he was friends with a lot of bikies, according to reports. Besides Leishman, he also threatened Ms. Huybers, who was also a victim of his scams.

He knelt down, put his face to Ms. Huybers’, and put his hand on her shoulder, police say, then said, “Unless you start helping me, you’re done.”

George Dimitrou Sydney had also sent her a message with a picture of a coffin in it.

George said in his statement that he was at a funeral where the speech talked about her. But Ms. Huybers said she didn’t know the person who had died.

Also, an officer working on the case saw George and his lawyer sitting in a coffee shop close to Ms. Huybers’ office.

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Est. Damages$7.5 Million Victim #1ANZ Bank Victim #2Elderly Immigrant Couple Source ReliabilityHigh

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George Dimitriou has a consumer rating of N/A stars from 0 consumer complaints.

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