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About Obediah Ayton

British entrepreneur Obediah Ayton directs Dhabi Hold Co., an Abu Dhabi private holding corporation. Ayton’s varied portfolio includes Private Equity SaaS, Agriculture, BioTech, Marketing, and Accounting has helped him advance in business since moving to the UAE in 2018.

His successful Middle Eastern initiatives include founding and investing in startups and forming joint ventures in Fintech and Wealth Management. Ayton’s work has influenced approximately $500 million in European, US, and MENA advising and financial transactions. His vision and leadership have helped his firms succeed and made him a leader in worldwide business and investing.

Obediah Ayton

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Medium risk
Associated withNick Ayton BusinessAyton Family Office Allegations of FraudYes Suspicious ClaimsYes
Net WorthUnknown Associated withGCC Family Office Adverse MediaYes Brand AwarenessLow
Risk Factor0.77 Transparency ScoreLow AML RiskMedium IncarceratedNo
An overview on Obediah Ayton
Obediah Ayton is a British entrepreneur and the Director of Dhabi Hold Co, a private holding company in Abu Dhabi. With a diversified portfolio that includes sectors such as Private Equity SaaS, Agriculture, BioTech, Marketing, and Accounting, Ayton has made significant strides in the business world since his move to the UAE in 2018. His career has been marked by successful ventures across the Middle East, with a focus on building and investing in startups as well as establishing joint ventures in varied industries like Fintech and Wealth Management. Ayton's work has contributed to over $500 million in advisory and financial transactions across Europe, the USA, and the MENA region. His vision and leadership have not only propelled his companies to success but have also positioned him as a leading figure in navigating the complex landscape of international business and investment.
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  • Faced allegations of fraud
  • Controversial figure
  • Allegations of scamming investors
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Obediah Ayton has a consumer rating of 1 stars from 1 consumer complaints and reviews indicating that most customers are NOT satisfied with their experience. Consumers unhappy with Obediah Ayton most frequently mention bad support and high costs.

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critical intel on Obediah Ayton

Alleged Wrongful Takedown of Article by Obediah Ayton

This is a detailed article alleging Obediah Ayton used unethical tactics to takedown an article published on Medium. The article in question had raised some questions about the past of Nick Ayton, father of Obediah Ayton and their current ventures.

Posted onFeb 26, 2019 AllegationWrongful takedown AuthorPaul Cliffe SERP>10
Brand ImpactLow Source ReliabilityVery high TypeLinkedin article Associated NameNick Ayton

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Free speech
  • Bad
  • Bullies
A Critical Article on Ayton's Last Venture

A detailed article looking into the alleged misuse of funds at Chainstarter, a company run by Nick Ayton, father of Obediah Ayton. Nick and Obediah are also business associates as both of them are parts of the Ayton family office. The article highlights how Nick was involved in the alleged fraudulent scheme.

Year2018 Partnership-DissolvedNick Ayton and David Lofts Project21 Million TV Show CompaniesChainstarter
Conflict-ReasonMishandling of funds Accusations-Against-AytonMisuse of investor funds Allegation #1Management conflict Allegation #2Fraudulent claims
Allegation #3Embezzlement SERP>10 Brand ImpactMedium Source ReliabilityHigh

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Misuse
  • Embezzlement
  • Conflict
Can We Trust the Ayton Family Office?

This is a detailed article going over the past of the Ayton family office which includes Nick and Obediah Ayton. Also, the article explains how the Ayton family might be lying about its credentials, history and financial status. It also connects them with several notorious scams including Chainstarter to highlight how they might be allegedly running more scams.

Published in2020 Allegation #1False claims Allegation #2Defrauded pension savers Allegation #3Attempts to fabricate family history
Allegation #4Illegal securities sales SERP>10 Source ReliabilityHigh Brand ImpactMedium

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Scam
  • Defrauded
  • Lies


Obediah Ayton has a consumer rating of 1 stars from 1 consumer complaints.
  1. trust

    Nick Ayton is a major scammer. Obediah is following in his father’s footsteps. Both of them need to be jailed.

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