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About Tyler Wall

Tyler Wall is the co-founder of SD Bullion, a well-regarded dealer of gold, silver, and other valuable metals. He founded the company in 2012. He and his company assert to provide ‘the most competitive pricing. unequivocally’, presenting an appealing opportunity for investors in precious metals.

Tyler Wall

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High risk
Founded SD Bullion in2012 Transparency ScoreLow Net WorthUnknown Online PresenceLimited
Brand AwarenessLow Fraud AllegationsYes Shady Marketing AllegationsYes Regulatory AuthoritySEC
Risk Factor0.75 Political LeaningConservative Based inToledo, Ohio, US GenderMale
An overview on Tyler Wall
Dr. Tyler Wall is the Co-Founder and President of SD Bullion, Inc., a prominent online precious metals company that has achieved over a billion dollars in sales. Launched in 2012 by Wall and his colleague, both of whom were medical doctors passionate about bullion investment, SD Bullion was established in response to the scant options available to retail investors interested in purchasing gold, silver, and platinum bullion at that time. The company quickly rose to prominence, becoming one of the largest online bullion dealers in the U.S., renowned for its significant market influence and rapid growth. Under Wall's leadership, SD Bullion has been acknowledged for its exceptional growth, notably being named on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in the United States. Furthermore, in 2023, Wall was honored with the Entrepreneur Of The Year® Award by Ernst & Young for the Michigan and Northwest Ohio region, highlighting his remarkable achievements and contributions to the industry. This accolade reflects Wall's entrepreneurial spirit and his commitment to building SD Bullion into a billion-dollar enterprise, emphasizing the success and influence of SD Bullion in the precious metals market.
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  • Highly experienced
  • Faced allegations of scamming others
  • Sued multiple times
  • Alarming number of complaints online

SD Bullion has a consumer rating of 1.75 stars from 1 consumer complaints and reviews indicating that most customers are NOT satisfied with their experience. Consumers unhappy with SD Bullion most frequently mention bad support and high costs.

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critical intel on SD Bullion

Reddit Thread on Alleged Fraud by Tyler Wall's Company

This is a complaint against Tyler’s SD Bullion by a customer on a social media platform called Reddit. They placed an order for a simple 10ozt RCM bar and a couple rounds on DECEMBER 27th when the company had the best price for RCM bars “in stock”. After paying with ACH, it was expected that online dealers would take up to a week to verify the payment and ship the order. However, SD Bullion did not ship the order even though the payment was confirmed on December 29th. Waiting three days from that date was a common practice to avoid any issues with bounced funds. So, they gave ample leeway and the latest the shipment should have been sent was January 2nd or 3rd. The RCM bars were sold out and it seemed evident that they didn’t have one in stock to send. SD had a tendency to sell inventory they didn’t actually possess. They found the situation completely unacceptable and knew that it would never occur with JM or APMEX.

First Posted2021 Order DateDecember 27, 2020 Payment MethodACH Issues EncounteredDelayed Delivery, No Support
Source ReliabilityHigh SERP>20 Brand ImpactLow Replies53

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Scam
  • Stay away
  • Never buy
BBB complaint against Tyler Wall's Company

Here, the reviewer expresses concerns about alleged fraud perpetuated by SD Bullion of Tyler Wall as they didn’t receive the gold coin they had ordered in the package.

First Posted2024 Grievance AboutDelivery and packaging Source ReliabilityVery high Company ResponseUnsatisfactory
Allegations against SD BullionFraud Search VisibilityLow Add. AllegationsNeglect Brand ImpactLow

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Liars
  • Fraud
  • Thieves
Tyler Wall's Company banned from Silver Spot Squares

Here, the user says that in the past, SD Bullion was surrounded by controversy due to various allegations. There were allegations made by others regarding shady and deceptive marketing practices, nondisclosure, and conflicts of interest. The user claims to have no knowledge of the situation. However, SD Bullion was given the benefit of the doubt.

Many people were aware that SD Bullion had silver rolls available online at a major retailer for a price below spot. Now, it wasn’t being discussed drastically below spot — approximately 60 or 70 cents. And with their typical pricing, they made plenty of money by hyping silver going to the moon.

All the orders placed for the silver at the lower price were canceled by SD Bullion, including mine. Fulfilling the orders placed would have been a straightforward act of goodwill, costing them only a few hundred dollars, or perhaps a grand. The user once found themselves in a situation where they had agreed to sell an item to someone, only to discover later that the market value had increased or that they had unintentionally set the price too low for their silver. He asked other dealers. The user honored the deal made regardless because they believed in the importance of integrity.

The user purchased numerous ounces of SD Bullion rounds for their Silver Spot Squares contests. Interestingly, a few of the recent winners were given multiple tubes of them. The user enjoyed conducting business with companies that honored their obligations, and at that time, SD Bullion was one of them.

Since that was no longer the case, they boycotted them and all of their products. The user decided not to make any purchases from them, including their silver products, whether new or secondhand. In addition, SD Bullion products were no longer accepted for entry into the user’s Silver Spot Squares contest or any other contest they conducted. The user mentioned that the change would be implemented for their October contest, ensuring that they did not surprise their current entrants with the new rules.

The user expressed their understanding that boycotting and voting with their dollars is a right they possess. They mentioned their intention to exercise this right by supporting other companies.

Allegations against SD BullionDishonesty, Non-disclosure TypeReddit discussion SERPNone Search VisibilityLow
Source ReliabilityHigh Replies169 Upvotes (Likes)168 Brand ImpactMedium

Top 3 negative keyword association :

  • Boycott
  • Conflict of interest
  • Shady


SD Bullion has a consumer rating of 1.75 stars from 1 consumer complaints.
  1. trust

    Toxic leadership combined with a f*** all attitude for customers. This is the mindset of Tyler Wall. If the customers of SD Bullion found out what he thinks of them, they’d boycott the whole thing.

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