Strengthening Integrity in Government Spending: Atlanta Summit Targets Fraud and Collusion

Today, the Justice Department, alongside the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia and the Procurement Collusion Strike Force (PCSF), hosted a pivotal summit in Atlanta. The event gathered procurement officials and law enforcement allies to spotlight and strategize against collusion, corruption, and fraud targeting government expenditures. Spearheaded by U.S. Attorney Ryan K. Buchanan, Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher J. Huber, and PCSF Director Daniel W. Glad, the summit saw an impressive assembly of federal and local agency representatives.

The discussions at the summit centered on the PCSF’s strides and innovations since its 2019 launch, with a particular focus on combating procurement collusion. The spotlight was also on the critical role of partnerships across government levels to address threats to government spending, especially in light of the significant federal investment flowing into Georgia through the Investment in Infrastructure and Jobs Act.

Buchanan and Glad outlined potential collaboration avenues with the PCSF for federal, state, and local agencies, aiming to bolster procurement processes and safeguard public funds. The summit also featured insights from a broad array of law enforcement and government agency representatives, emphasizing a unified approach to protecting taxpayer dollars and ensuring effective service delivery to the community.

The PCSF, a national endeavor led by the Justice Department to fight antitrust crimes and related fraudulent activities in government procurement and funding, has notably advanced its mission since its establishment, marking over 100 criminal investigations and the training of over 31,000 individuals. This assembly underscores the Department’s ongoing commitment to the PCSF’s mission as it progresses into its fifth year, furthering efforts to ensure integrity and competition in government contracting. For more information or to report suspicious activities, visit the PCSF’s official website.

Kunal Devdutt
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